SF WeedMap for College, err CANCER Victims: A Marijuana Dispensary Mashup

Where exactly are all those pot clubs we're so known for?

Solved. SFWeekly's The Snitch presents a handy Google mashup of pot clubs in SF based on permit documents.

Note the density of clubs in the Inner Mission area we call “the Elbow” (because it's where major north-south roads bend toward downtown, duh). We don't know why the SF has a “Weed Elbow”, but we bet the density corresponds to the gritty neighborhood's lack of NIMBYs to bitch about seedy things under the freeway.

Anyway, check out the map, tell us anything that needs to be added in the comment box, and suggest any other info for the map. We'll try to include it. Thanks. — By Matt Novak

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