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Not a Country Bar
Review doesn't sound like the Make-Out Room: As someone who DJs and helps to book the Make-Out Room, I had to laugh at the ridiculous description of the bar in the 2013 Drink Issue [Drink, listings, 3/6]. “The quirky Midwestern atmosphere of this bar lends itself to the mostly folk and country acts that perform here.” Whoever wrote this review obviously doesn't attend shows here. In the past year alone, the Make-Out Room has seen shows from Ariel Pink, R. Stevie Moore, Kelley Stoltz, John Doe, The Re-Volts, Hot Fog, Chuck Prophet, Dirty Ghosts and countless other rock bands. Folk and country bands made up less than 30 percent of the bookings. I know reporters have deadlines to meet, but please, [the writer] needs to pull his head out of his ass and do some homework. There's a whole magical world waiting for him.

Parker T. Gibbs

Blog Comments of the Week
Marijuana caused him to pass out, not die: The man died because he fell down and hit his head too hard [“Thanks to 'Dabbing,' It Is Possible to Overdose on Marijuana,” Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 3/13]. Cannabis is medicine and does not have the ability to kill a person. It is not toxic. So please have Roberts correct himself. Right now he is spewing out propaganda and nothing more. A person cannot overdose on cannabis, so why would he write this post?


Subcultures change, the music remains: Thank god for the music attached to those subcultures [“The Jazz Age Is Bullshit (A Response to 'Punk Rock Is Bullshit')“, Manjula Martin, All Shook Down, 3/12]. Marketing and fashions change, and people obviously forget historical developments, but the music remains.


It's simply supply and demand: This happens every time the San Francisco economy improves [“Surprise, Surprise! S.F.'s Rental Market Is Twice as Expensive As the National Average,” Albert Samaha, the Snitch, 3/11]. Build more housing!


Want to read more about who's on stage: Great band, but I would've liked to see more description of how the band played and more specific descriptions of songs and styles rather than who was there and what the audience was like [“The Rival Mob Brings Brutal Boston Hardcore to Oakland,” Matt Saincome, All Shook Down, 3/11]. Chances are readers who look up such a show review are already familiar with hardcore, so it would be beneficial to add an insider's insight that punk veterans and casual readers alike could appreciate rather than just trying to explain a “wacky” subculture to a general audience. Looks like it was a rager, real bummed I missed them this time.


Girls ventures into sexual politics: I'm glad SF Weekly addressed this, but if a lady wants to stop midway through and the dude doesn't stop, it's still rape; there's no “technically not” about it [“Girls Episode 9, Season 2: Tackling Sexual Politics Like No One Before,” Rae Alexandra, the Exhibitionist, 3/11].


In the Night + Day section of last week's issue [3/6], the date for the ODC/Dance Downtown's opening night performance was incorrect. The opening night for its spring season was March 14; performances continue through March 24. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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