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Reader points to a reason for jail crowding: The increase in the jail population in Lake County is similar to the increase in county jail populations statewide due to the corrections realignment bill, which has sent a significant number of inmates, who otherwise would have gone to state prison, to the county jails [“Lake County News Sues Sheriff for Retaliation After Printing 'Unfavorable Articles',” Albert Samaha, the Snitch 1/16]. This issue has nothing to do with Sheriff Francisco Rivero.


Feds should focus on violent crimes: I love it [“Feds Intercept 60 Pounds of Ecstasy Bound for San Francisco,” Albert Samaha, the Snitch, 1/15]. Out-of-control violence in Oakland, but the feds use tax dollars to bust a bunch of kids for drugs. Priorities.


Muni needs to pare down to keep up: People keep wondering about the wisdom of running different vehicle systems [“Muni Overtime: Mechanic Earned $140K in OT Last Year, Too,” Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 1/14]. No wonder Muni has so much trouble keeping track of the parts and mechanics' schedules. Lose the losing systems. Pare down to the efficient ones. Put those “cute” old trolleys in a museum where they belong.


Argument relating gun ownership to MLK is wrong: This article is bigoted [“Authorities Say MLK Day Is the Perfect Time to Get Rid of Your Gun,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 1/11]. If someone wants to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his good work then he must give up his guns? The implication is that if someone doesn't give up his guns, and the means to defend himself and his family, then he must hate Dr. King and all of the work he has done for this country. If someone has guns, then he hates racial equality. If he has guns then he must hate black people. It's a pathetic argument and using Dr. King's tragic assassination to pander like this is most repugnant.


Some fans like the video because it's cheesy: This video is amazing and so funny [“One Direction's 'Kiss You': A Ski-Slope, Surf-Party, Nipple-Tweaking Nightmare,” Rae Alexandra, All Shook Down, 1/11]. The boys are just being themselves and having some fun. There is nothing wrong with that, so I do not see what the writer is talking about. The song may be cheesy but that is what makes One Direction fans love it.


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