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Give Us a Break From Loopholes
Most of us pay for our necessities: If California's Proposition 39 closes some of these bogus tax loopholes for the rich, it has my vote. While our state and nation wither away, these companies continue to rake in immense profits and hide away their fair portion of taxes [“The Country's Most Corrupt Tax Breaks,” feature, Chris Parker, 10/10]. Tax money [is] used to protect their companies in case of fire, theft, or threat, to pave roads for their trucks, to maintain schools to educate their children. Plain selfishness is the cancer of the rich and their ultimate destruction.


A Bleacher Writer Report
As a past featured columnist for Bleacher Report covering a top college football team for two seasons, I can confirm everything you said in the article [“Top Five Ways Bleacher Report Rules the World!,” feature, Joe Eskenazi, 10/3]. Many promises to me were broken, including press passes to team practices and games, and I was selected twice to cover the Rose Bowl, but B/R did not have the credibility to get any of these press passes. Sensationalistic articles were assigned, point systems created to motivate article reads, and the quality of most writers' work was abysmal. It became embarrassing to write for B/R and combined with the broken promises, I finally stopped writing. I continue to monitor B/R and it hasn't changed much. It has become too much work to find interesting and well researched articles.


Blog Comments of the Week
Political double talk: Once again the S.F. Board of Supervisors talks big and then protects one of its own [“Mirkarimi Gets His Job Back,” Kate Conger, the Snitch] For Supervisor John Avalos to say that Mirkarimi is “a public figure and needs to be held to a very high standard” and then vote to let him keep his gun, badge, and fist just goes to show how little the board thinks of the citizens of this once fine city.

Jodi Lax

Wife abuser escapes with job: This was a vote to absolutely support a man convicted of domestic violence [“Supervisor Christina Olague Explains Her Vote to Save Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi,” Chris Roberts, the Snitch].The city charter and the issue of the mayor's power are red herrings. The mayor cannot unilaterally fire an elected official, and as the Board of Supervisors made clear, it is very comfortable with having a convicted wife beater oversee the city's domestic violence programs and enforcement.


Let the legal system decide who is guilty: Has Erin Sherbert forgotten the basic tenant “innocent until proven guilty”? Her article [“Meet the Accused Black Bloc,” the Snitch] spits in the face of the last refuge of justice within a legal system that is indiscriminately arresting people based on spatial proximity to those actually committing crimes. Her framing of these people is disgraceful to the craft of journalism and reflects poorly on her own integrity. Does she intend to start a witch hunt?

Javier Kordi

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