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Gonzo Guide to Florida
The sunshine state can't be all bad; maybe the good is just excluded: Wow, maybe a little harsh — although Michael E. Miller's frustration is understandable, perhaps not everyone in Florida is all bad [“Fear and Loathing in Tampa,” feature, 8/22]. Isn't it almost amusing to see very rich people from private gated communities organize their very own private gated Republican presidential convention? They are pretty busy making elaborate preparations so that they won't have to see or make contact with any of the riffraff, or as we lovingly call them, Mr. and Mrs. America, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa, or plain old American taxpayers.


Endless History

Learning more about the City by the Bay: As a longtime resident of the city, I only know key historic moments: Gold Rush, 1906 quake, WWII, Summer of Love, Milk-Moscone assassinations — but this forgotten tale was riveting (not to mention gruesome) [“Sudden Death,” Joe Eskenazi, feature, 8/15]. It proves the layered history of S.F. is almost endless, and not forgotten.


Blog Comments of the Week
It's about time BART extends its hours: Gee, what a novel idea [“BART Wants to Know If Bay Area Night Owls Would Use an After-Hours Bus Service,” Suzanne Stathatos, the Snitch, 8/22]. People have only been pointing out the stupidity of not having public transportation across the bay while the bars and clubs are still serving alcohol for years and years and years. A campaign against drinking and driving would work much better if people who drank had a way home other than their own cars. Not to mention the people who work past midnight and have to wait till after 4 a.m. — 8 a.m. on Sundays — to get home.


Chronicle's overseas customer service causes a stir: I wish they'd ship their journalism overseas [“Chron Ships Your Concerns (and Their Journalism) Overseas,” Tom Walsh, the Snitch, 8/22]. There are plenty of writers in the Philippines who are not only more qualified than C.W. Nevius, but have a better understanding of San Francisco.


Reader makes sure to always be prepared: When I lived in high crime neighborhoods I developed the habit of always carrying a $20 bill in my back pocket [“Woman Beaten and Robbed in Russian Hill,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 8/21]. That way I always had something to offer the muggers and hopefully avoid a beating or worse. I had stopped thinking that way after moving to San Francisco and one of its northeast neighborhoods. I'll start carrying that $20 again.


Reviewer goes in with preconceived notions: I'm not that big an Animal Collective fan, but Dan Weiss really sounds like he's already decided he's not going to like the album before he even listen to it, and he just insults the band throughout [“Animal Collective's Centipede Hz: A First Listen,” All Shook Down, 8/20]. It's like he wrote the review to let everyone know how shitty he thinks they are. I was always under the assumption that when someone reviews an album that he go into it with a clear mind open to all of the sounds and ideas on the record. This is a really shitty review, and I don't even care for this album, either. He just sounds like an asshole.


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