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The Train to Costlyville
Subway deal should be aboveboard: Any time there's a surprise involving the Central Subway, it confirms the notion that it's a bad idea [“Muni Money: Caltrain Connection Could Fund Central Subway,” Laura Rena Murray, Sucka Free City, 5/23]. Pull the plug.


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Chained to a Supervisor
Banking is necessary, even out West: Mar needs to go. Now. [“Progressively Modest: Eric Mar Stays Out of the Headlines,” Chris Roberts, Sucka Free City, 5/16] Example: He is proposing to treat banks as “formula retail,” a trick to make life miserable for banks to open branches. He claims this is a response to a recent outbreak of banks forcing small businesses out of the neighborhood. Except for a Wells Fargo that was opened inside the Safeway at the beach decades ago, the only “big bank” west of 25th Avenue (50 percent of District 1) is a Bank of America that has been there forever. This has nothing to do with the Richmond, like most of Mar's ideas.


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Blog Comments of the Week
The gray area of medical marijuana distribution: I can understand the cops' frustration [“Cops Fight Clarity of Medical Marijuana Sales,” Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 5/18]. In my view, medical marijuana is one thing — a legitimate application for a legitimate need. Unfortunately, doctors ask open questions so that anybody can obtain a cannabis card. I have gone by dispensaries, and it appears to me that a few people there are about getting well, while others are there for the high. The cops aren't complete doofuses. Besides, with dispensaries, they can't take the usual rake off of evidence from a bust.

Riley Spckart

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Reader declares his love for three food groups: fat, alcohol, sugar: How can a person not love bacon, maple syrup, and bourbon in one drink? When it comes to bourbon or maple syrup I only go for the good stuff, because life's just too short for second best [“Drink of the Week: Breakfast of Champions at District Oakland,” Lou Bustamante, SFoodie, 5/18].


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Studies in Crap's book author was off his rocker: Poor old Rick Jones clearly took a few too many hits to the head during his tenure as the Hulk's sidekick [“Michael Jackson and Field of Dreams Will Send You to Hell, According to This Dumb '90s Book,” Alan Scherstuhl, the Exhibitionist, 5/18]. “Secret No. 14: Successful teenagers should not camp out at Ground Zero of a nuclear test site on a dare.”


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Right-wing group's demand doesn't make sense: I'm pretty sure making the kids miss a day of school is not helping the kids [“Save California, 'Pro-Family' Group, Demands Kids Skip School on Harvey Milk Day,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 5/17]. It may even be sending a message that if a person doesn't like something, just go play instead of working to change it. I imagine the parents will lecture them all day with their hate dogma. Oh, that is going to help society so well.


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