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Foreclosures in Bayview
Article sheds light on neighborhood's plight: Great article. Thanks to Albert Samaha for seeing through glitzy hype and deception of big money [“The Dispossessed,” feature, 5/2]. The banks seem to be very satisfied with themselves, pushing the poor and needy into the streets as they line their pockets with bigger bonuses.


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Homeowners have no one to blame but themselves: This is leftist garbage. When someone doesn't pay a mortgage he is properly evicted. Anyone with a brain could see the problem. The feds were wrong to encourage so many irresponsible people to take out mortgages. I stopped reading Big Fat Bruce's Bay Guardian four years ago because of such slanted rubbish. Why should I tolerate it here?

Marcy Fleming

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Borrowers roll the dice: This is what happens when a person uses an adjustable rate short-term loan to finance a long-term investment. The rate increases were right there in the loan papers. It's not the banks' fault that the borrowers committed to a loan that they could not afford. They gambled on the real estate market. Sometimes when a person gambles he wins, sometimes he loses. No guarantees.


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Blog Comments of the Week
Walking with attitude: This is funny due to irony [“Pedestrian Bitch-Slaps Frustrated Driver in Parking Lot,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 5/3]. A car honking at a pedestrian is an act of bullying — a pedestrian doesn't have a horn to honk back! Not condoning violence, but I have no sympathy for either of them.

Mario Tanev

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When Wells Fargo isn't the bad guy: A nice contrast in the concept of personal responsibility [“Wells Fargo Bails Out S.F. Businesses, Tries to Show Big Banks Aren't That Bad,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 5/3]. Wells Fargo wants to help merchants so they can earn money through working, encouraging personal responsibility and pride of ownership, while the occupiers throw tantrums.

Christopher Neal

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Not all churchgoers think Occupy should stay out of the Lord's house: As a lifelong Catholic, I say let them use the building, if they promise to feed the poor and hungry, like Jesus did, and not be anything like our priests, who live very self-indulgent and lavish lives, or like the Pope, who lives like a king [“Occupied Church Building Cleared, Police Arrest 24,” Albert Samaha, the Snitch, 5/2].


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Cyclists need to pay attention to the rules: Communication doesn't matter as much as obeying the rules of the road [“S.F. Cyclists: If We Don't Communicate Well With Others, We Don't Deserve Respect,” French Clements, the Exhibitionist, 5/1]. Cyclists need to obey stop signs just like drivers. End of story. It isn't nearly as complicated as Clements tries to make it.

Dave Nakamura

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In the May 2 issue a word on the cover, “dispossessed,” was misspelled. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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