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Psychic Dreams
Looking into the future for more information: As one of the ants who's lived in Stanley Krippner's pocket over the years, I thank writer Joe Eskenazi for this excellent piece [“The Psychic World of Stanley Krippner,” feature, 4/25]. Eskenazi hardly scratched the surface of this amazing man's life, but it's a worthy start.


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Parasitic Enterprises
Mitt Romney needs to explain this: Great article, goes to the issue of intent [“American Parasite,” Pete Kotz, feature, 4/18]. Mitt Romney might espouse religious principles, “you cannot serve two masters.” However, Bain Capital, Meg Whitman, and their running dogs are no friends of humanity. Romney needs to step up to the judgment bar and explain this one!

Johnny Bocchetti

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Facts won't change voter's mind: I will check the facts out, but after what I've seen of Obama and his debt increase, overreaching power-grabs through executive orders, and thrashing of the Constitution, it would take a real vile person to outdo Obama in vile unforgivable actions. I will vote for Romney. I also hope to see a conservative majority in both houses to control whoever is in the White House, and I hope to God that it is not Obama.


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Blog Comment of the Week
No need to value one over the other: There should be respect for those who are creating concerts for others to enjoy, and it seems a bit classless to have to put one down to prop up the other [“Top Five Reasons Outside Lands Is Better Than Coachella,” Erika Maldonado, All Shook Down, 4/24]. I will be attending both this year and they are both great venues in their own way. If someone has to put one down, just don't go.


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Black market approach: This is the dumbest logic I have heard in a while — shut down dispensaries because kids are getting pot from customers buying at dispensaries, and deliver the pot to the customers instead [“Anti-Marijuana Rally Draws Chinese Families, Supervisor Candidates,” Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 4/23]. How does this change anything? The only way to stop kids from trying pot is to eradicate every single pot plant. Someone would have to be pretty close-minded to think that keeping pot in the black market is the best way to keep pot from children.

Danny Hoardern

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Say it ain't Wo: Sad news [“Sam Wo Is Closing? The Heartbreak,” Jonathan Kauffman, SFoodie, 4/19]. But the commercial was great. I have lived on the East Coast for over 30 years now, but have never forgotten Sam Wo. I was a regular in the Edsel Ford Fong days, and being insulted by him was always so much fun.


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In the April 25 cover story (“The Psychic World of Stanley Krippner,” Joe Eskenazi) we referred to Nicholas Meriwether as the founder of the Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus. That distinction belongs to Rob Weiner. Also, Krippner informs us that the presentation of Fantasia we recounted as in 3-D “was not in 3-D, but the mescaline made it seem as if it were.”

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