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Feeding Off the Country
Mitt Romney shows capitalism at its worst: Clearly someone has been paying attention. Mitt Romney is definitely worthy of SF Weekly's commendable and righteous anger [“American Parasite,” Pete Kotz, feature, 4/18]. This article rates five stars.


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Writer hits the nail on the head — again: Wow. Pete Kotz has always been an amazing writer, and this proves he still is. I'm sending this around to friends who need to know.


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Saucy Chicken
Close, but not quite there: Sorry, but the Bay Area does not have a good traditional pollo a la brasa [“The Bird Is the Word,” Jonathan Kauffman, Eat, 4/18]. The chicken may come close, but the sauces are all wrong — the chimichurri should be so spicy that a person needs equal quantities of the aji amarillo sauce just to stand the heat. And “a heap of fried potatoes”? Any Peruvian restaurant worth its salt will have yuca, not potatoes.


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Blog Comments of the Week
The TSA is the problem, not the protester: So the TSA can grope a person's privates in the middle of the terminal, demand people remove clothing, belts, shoes, and other items, then take a picture of someone naked in the scanners or strip-search a person in a back room, and this guy is the one arrested for indecency [“Portland Man Literally Shows TSA Screeners What S.F. Nudists Won't,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 4/18]?

He had probably had enough of the TSA's humiliating and degrading treatment of airline passengers. This man should be commended for standing up for people's rights.

This protest is a product of the TSA's assault on a human's morals and sense of propriety. The TSA has done more damage to liberty, way of life, and morality than Al Qaeda could have ever hoped to do.


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Novice cook enjoyed Trisha Yearwood's recipes: I enjoyed the show, which was showing normal recipes that aren't some clones of what a person will find at a five-star restaurant that I'm damn sure I will never make at home [“On Trisha's Country Kitchen, Trisha Yearwood Can't Stop Proving How Damn Country She Is,” Michael Leaverton, SFoodie, 4/17]. This was down-home country food, which I may actually try. She was entertaining, charismatic, and enjoyable. I am not sure why the writer had such negativity toward an enjoyable show.


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Boy-band fan sticks up for the current bunch of lads: I wouldn't call them “twerps” [“One Direction: After Ignoring so Many Brit Boy Bands, Why Does America Like These Twerps?” Rae Alexandra, All Shook Down, 4/13]. One Direction is a band of five musically talented lads. Alexandra suggests that “the band isn't doing anything particularly new or different.” I suggest she do some research before writing an article like this again, and by “research,” I mean more than watching one music video and Saturday Night Live. Perhaps if she watched their video diaries from X-Factor she would understand what teenage girls see in these five young lads.


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