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Tamales Are Hot Now
History in S.F. should include current times: Thanks for a fun article that's quite different from SF Weekly's normal articles [“When We Were Red Hot,” Gustavo Arellano, feature, 4/11]. As an “old time” San Franciscan and history buff I enjoyed the article, but wondered why it stopped where it did and didn't bring the tamale story up to more current times. Many remember Johnson's Tamale Grotto in the Sunset, and Roosevelt's Tamale Parlor in the Mission, and who could forget Red's Tamales in the local grocery stores when “Tuesday is Red's Tamales Day”?

Joyce Kurtz

San Francisco

Blog Comments of the Week
Egos of tech writers were getting in way: I totally agree [with writer Dan Mitchell]; the narcissistic blogging has reached a new level of annoyance [“Are People Finally Getting Bored with the Tech-Blog Circle Jerk?” the Snitch, 4/10]. I have stopped following Pando, Tech Crunch, Ben Parr, Michael Arrington, Alexia Tsotsis, etc. My Twitter feed was making me sick to my stomach from their entitlement and rather large egos.


Web Comment

Money well spent on something other than food: I think the conclusions of this study aren't necessarily true [“Research Says: Buy the Flour + Water Dinner, Not the Chair,” Jonathan Kauffman, SFoodie, 4/10]. I recently replaced an old, uncomfortable mattress with a new one, and I am much more satisfied and content with getting a much better sleep at night for the next few years than I would spending $1,000 on restaurant meals.

John Swanda

Web Comment

There's more to the bicycle-pedestrian collision: I see a lot about how fast the bike was going, but none, so far, about how fast a 71-year-old person could get into the intersection [“Cyclist Allegedly Leaves Comments About Accident After Hitting Pedestrian,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 4/5]. Seriously, a man died, and it was direct disregard for pedestrian safety that made it happen. The cyclist himself says he saw a yellow light as he was approaching the intersection. That should have made him slow down and stop, but he was going too fast, and he was “committed.” It might have been fated, but it could have been avoided.


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Diary of a wannabe heiress is humor wrapped in sadness: Wow. In the years that I've read this blog, Studies in Crap has written about deeply racist textbooks, picture books filled with dead animals, self-published books by the mentally ill, the collected web posts of violence-obsessed racist basement dwellers, and advice books by homophobic, patriarchal religious fanatics, but this is the single most appalling thing I've seen [“Thrift-Store Copy of Paris Hilton's Your Heiress Diary Is History's Second-Saddest Journal,” Alan Scherstuhl, Exhibitionist, 4/5].


Web Comments

Correction: In “Coachella in Your Backyard,” [Ian S. Port, Music, 4/11] we wrote the Gotye show was on Thursday, April 18, and Bon Iver on Friday, April 19, when in fact the shows are on Thursday, April 19, and Friday, April 20. In “A Real Waste,” [Chris Roberts, Sucka Free City, 4/11] we wrote the Tenderloin police station is on Eddy and Turk, when its exact location is on Eddy at Jones. SF Weekly regrets these errors.

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