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Dining Space vs. Food
Blank space detracts from the food: “I've eaten at the corner of 18th and Guerrero at least a half-dozen times under a half-dozen restaurant names, and never warmed to the dining room, basically a cube of air with some tables at the bottom.” [Jonathan Kauffman, “Izakaya or Isn't It?” Eat, 1/25] Yup. I always wonder what kind of chutzpah a restaurateur in San Francisco must have to take on this space. At least with Tartine, Bi-Rite, and Delfina, there's some foot traffic in the area now.


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Blog Comments of the Week
Parking tickets are necessary, unwelcome, part of life: I get parking tickets just like everyone else, and it's an expensive pain in the ass [“Occupy My Street: S.F. Woman Starts Petition Against Out-of-Control Parking Tickets,” Lauren Smiley, the Snitch, 1/25]. That being said, I can read the signs just fine and every ticket I've gotten I've deserved. So what's the point of this protest? Eliminate all parking restrictions? I'd rather have tickets than that.


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Parking ticket petition gets support: Where do I sign up? Between two college kids who live in San Francisco, I've probably dumped several thousand dollars in parking tickets. One parking enforcer (I'd call him/her something stronger but I don't want to be flamed) targeted my daughter's car so many times (even after she'd move it several times in a day) that we finally had to sell the car.


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More Thin Mints for the rest of us: I normally don't buy Girl Scout cookies, but this year I think I'll have to pick some up [“There Are Two Conservative Girl Scout Cookie Boycotts This Year,” Jonathan Kauffman, SFoodie, 1/25]. If the Westboro idiots join in, I'll take a case.


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Not hearing ear to ear: I think the writer's perception of the Wolves show would have been much different had there been a better understanding of what the newer generation of low-fi and minimalist black metal bands are aiming for [“Live Review, 1/23/12: Wolves in the Throne Room Deliver a Monotonous Barrage at Slim's,” Sam Lefebvre, All Shook Down, 1/24]. It's too bad that Wolves and Ash Borer are bashed in this article, for their motivations, effort, and performance are deserving of much more than this cynical view. If there is to be something said about the atmosphere, it is the fact that the show would have benefited from a smaller venue, as evidenced through past performances of all three bands around the Bay Area.


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Kids, french fries, and toys: The reason I was against the ban was that it seemed like the primary motivation for the supervisors was nationwide publicity [“Hey, Critics of the Happy Meal Toy Ban: Banning Fast Food Advertising Does Work,” Jonathan Kauffman, SFoodie, 1/24]. I was in Super Duper in the Marina on a Saturday morning, and the restaurant was full of little kids stuffing their faces with hamburgers and french fries. What is the supervisors' plan for protecting rich kids from trans fats?


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