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Drug Royalty
An insightful look at the suburban drug scene: This is actually a well-written and insightful article. Kudos to the author [“The Oxy King of Marin,” Erin Marie Daly, feature, 1/18]. Considering the content, subject matter, and location, one might guess the article is out of place. Instead of the usual promotion of or condoning such behavior this article was written without bias.

It is unfortunate we have so many people in our society who think their problems can be resolved with drugs. This article sheds light on the fact that drug use only causes further problems for the individuals involved, and society in general. The question becomes: How do we, as a society, intervene or prevent youth from even thinking they need to have a drug to help them with life's struggles?


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Saintly Flaws
Not all Catholics see Mother Teresa as a Saint: Mother Teresa did not have a sterling reputation among Bay Area Catholics [“Tainted Saint,” Peter Jamison, feature, 1/11]. Her statements on contraception, such as couples who practiced contraception being unfit parents, was gutter Catholicism at its worst. Anyone, no matter how saintly, who truly believes that authority figures do not have any responsibility to the people below them because there is some sort of divinely ordained socio/religious hierarchy is part of the problem of abuse, not part of its solution.


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Blog Comments of the Week
Paula Deen's not so surprising diabetes announcement: “The subtext of all the Deen-bashing messages is that anyone who has type-2 diabetes made themselves sick.” I think Jonathan Kauffman can, and should, give the American public more credit than that [“Hating on Diabetic Paula Deen Is Fun But Premature,” SFoodie, 1/18]. Jokes and jibes need to be simple, but the understanding behind them does not. I'm sure Deen did bring her type-2 diabetes on, or at the least, contributed to it. She is not active, does not appear to eat well, and is clearly overweight.

What's interesting is that she is touting a drug that is not insulin-related, yet is somehow supposed to do something for people with type-2 diabetes. In other words, she appears not to be changing her diet, exercise regime, or weight to reduce her risk, but popping some unknown pill instead.


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Occupy SF efforts seem misplaced: I wish people would stop wasting time trying to shut down an individual bank branch and instead, go out and hit the campaign trail, working against corporate influences in the 2012 election [“Occupy San Francisco to Shut Down Financial District,” Erin Sherbert, The Snitch, 1/17]. You know, do something productive instead of something symbolic. They'll help more people in the long run.


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Craptastic book use to have a spot on a bookshelf at home: Read it in the seventh or eight grade in 1976 or 1977, and the book scared the shit out of me [“Salem Kirban's 1970 Photos of the Apocalypse Include a Giant Christbot,” Alan Schertstuhl, the Exhibitionist, 1/16]. I had a relative that would give me those UFO, end of the world, conspiracy paperbacks. I read dozens of those crappy books: 666 stands out to this day in my mind, along with The Late Great Planet Earth and Chariots of the Gods. These books and movies started a cottage industry fooling idiots.


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