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Slide Into Mediocrity
Progressive politicians use S.F. for personal gains: Love the analogy, “But their real problem was running only their favorite plays, in front of their own cheerleaders, not realizing they wouldn't win without moving the ball across the entire field.” [“Progressively Worse,” Benjamin Wachs and Joe Eskenazi, feature, 11/23.] “Progressives” did so much damage to the once beautiful city; while they were playing politics the city went into the toilet. San Francisco's demise started before Mr. Willie Brown took office, he was simply riding the coattails of earlier politicos. They all just used San Francisco, on their way up the ladder, everyone had their hand in the cookie jar. Power without accountability leads to the mess [San Francisco] has today.


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It's about getting the work done: I lived in Bernal Heights for many years; I called my local progressive “comedian” supervisor about an abandoned car. Nothing happened. I called the mayor, and the car was towed away within a day. Guess who got the job done? The mayor. In governing a city, it comes down to filling potholes [rather] than delivering ideology.


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Meaty Issues
The quality and the cut matter: I appreciate Oscar Yedra's honesty surrounding the topic of Marin Sun Farms [“Beefbreaker,” Lauren Smiley, feature, 11/16]. That company sounds pretty horrible. It makes no sense to value new butchers over those with years of experience. I guess that would explain all the new faces at the Oakland store and why my orders were consistently wrong — the cuts of meat I used to get in the CSA were great, but I was sold a thawed chicken a month ago. What the owner is saving financially, he is losing in quality. That is sad, considering all of the work that goes into raising meat of this caliber. Shame, shame, shame!

415 Culinarychick

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Blog Comment of the Week
Pot poll scrutiny: Who is being asked [in this CBS News poll]? I am a 83-year-old woman and think it should be legalized, period [“Public Supports Medical Marijuana, but Not Full Legalization of Pot,” Chris Roberts, the Snitch, 11/18]. Reduce the cost of law enforcement and the cost of prisons. Why waste money on marijuana use? Collect taxes, sales, and income; undercut the Mexican cartels, and put them out of business.

Madeline Hartmann

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Support workers who stand up for their rights: Power to the people! If someone treats his employees right, they will go that extra mile in doing their job [“American Airlines Flight Attendants Join Occupy SF Today,” Lauren Smiley, the Snitch, 11/18]. There is too much corporate greed in every company: Look at Exxon making billions of dollars in quarterly profits. It's time for the American people to stand up. I applaud these flight attendants for standing up for their rights and not just sitting back and complaining about things. We could all learn a lot from them!

Pete from Illinois

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Ann Coulter needs to look for a new job: Having been born and raised in Ohio, and being old enough to remember the moral outrage that came from the shootings at Kent State University, I take serious umbrage with Coulter's remarks about the shootings [“7 Awful Things Ann Coulter Just Said About Occupy Wall Street,” Alan Scherstuhl, the Exhibitionist, 11/17]. In a sense, she's saying that four people — two of whom were merely crossing campus to get to their next class — died out of necessity to advance some sort of anti-liberal sentiment. Seriously, this woman needs to get a real job. One that doesn't require her to say anything other than, “You want fries with that?”


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