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Downloading Extortion
Patience is no longer a virtue for the masses: “As long as it remains difficult for people to access the most popular types of content from their home computers, illegal downloading will continue unabated.” This quote says a lot [“Invasion of Piracy,” Keegan Hamilton, Feature, 8/10]. It's not that people aren't willing to pay for content — it's that they want it now. While I can understand that going to a movie theater isn't exactly a cheap or pleasant experience anymore, why not just wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it legally? We used to have to wait years between the time a movie was in theaters to when it appeared on television, and now people can't even wait a few months? People have no patience anymore.


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Party Poopers
No more holiday shindigs for the developmentally disabled: The Department of Recreation and Parks has truly done a great injustice to the disabled community by eliminating this wonderful program that brought such joy into the lives of many people [“The Party's Over,” Matt Smith, Column, 8/10]. I attended many of the parties as an aide and a volunteer, and always had such a great time mingling and dancing with the most wonderful people on earth.

The disabled do not ask for much, and for Rec and Parks to take away a large part of their happiness is unforgivable. They [Recreation and Parks] say the program was not inclusive. My question to that is, what programs do they have in place now that are inclusive?


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Blog Comments of the Week
In response to a blog post about Phish fans' defense of their beloved band: I am a Phish fan. I saw my first show in '95. I thought Ian S. Port's paragraph was funny, and the follow-up article was great [“Why You Should Never, Ever Write Anything Negative About Phish,” Ian S. Port, All Shook Down, 8/3]. Make no mistake, he needs to have a thick skin if he's going to take any kind of jab at the band we love. There are a lot of poseur fans that just don't get it, and love to run their mouths. That said, any real Phish fan knows that Phish is not for the masses, and is damn glad of it! Especially us older fans who broke into the jam band scene with the Grateful Dead, and remember what happened when “Touch of Grey” became a hit!


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Don't expect a fairytale from Phish fans: Don't expect roses and unicorns from Phish fans when Port starts off an article with a jab like that. He doesn't have to like Phish; I love Phish and most of my friends don't. It's cool. But have a little integrity and respect the biggest draw at this [Outside Lands] festival — don't just dismiss Phish because it's hip for indie kids to hate on jam bands.


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Just ignore the jam band, but don't disrespect Phish: Ian S. Port just doesn't get it. He can not like Phish all he wants. But to badmouth their fans and tell people not to see what they might think is a really amazing show — that's just disrespectful. If he doesn't like them, just ignore them. No need for the negativity against them.


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