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The City Garners Attention
Housing Authority articles pulls in reader: I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lauren Smiley's article “This Is Your City” [Feature, 7/13]. I read the Atlantic Monthly and consider it to be the pinnacle of hard-fought, well-written reporting. Although my familiarity with SF Weekly is minor, I was surprised to encounter such a well-composed piece in a free publication. This article won my attention and kept it until the end.


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Backlash to Political Past
Truth be told, going with Yee: As a longtime S.F. resident who is familiar with [state Sen.] Leland Yee's virtues and demons, I appreciate when the truth is told [“Good Scout, Bad Boy,” Matt Smith, Feature, 7/20]. But I will continue to support Yee, because despite his blunders and errors in judgment, he understands and fights for the average citizen and his heart is in the right place.


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Personal choices don't matter much in political picture: I'm not sure repeating Yee's personal indiscretions makes sense anymore. Everyone seems to have decided that they aren't true or that they don't matter, and they're right. What matters is that Yee has become a media-driven political weathervane with a disease-of-the-week policy agenda.

Able Dart

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Wondering about the reporter's agenda: Wow. I mean, wow. I've never seen anything like this. This is just the most nasty, vicious political hit piece I have ever seen, including the Matt Gonzalez piece [“The Looking-Glass Campaign,” Matt Smith, Column, 11/12/2003]. That one was written in Matt Smith's usual trashy, sly, underhanded snarky style. But at least it had a style. This was just plain mean — short on facts and full of unsupported innuendo. And nasty. Just overboard on the nasty.

I hate to pull out the race card, but dude, that image of Yee in the uniform with the red tie makes him look like a cross between Adolf Hitler and some Communist Chinese soldier. One would like to believe that the evocative imagery is purely accidental, but accompanied by a hit piece like this, I think that would be naive.

Look, I think Yee is all right. Not as progressive as I would like, but better than the politicians who are coming out of the corrupt City Hall establishment. So maybe I'm biased. But I would think that a normal person who picked this up and read it, having never heard of Leland Yee or Matt Smith, would just be repulsed. I'd be thinking, who is this guy Smith and what is his agenda? Is he shilling for another candidate, or is it just plain hate?


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A Look Inside the Past
Exploring the world underground: I went in [the underground bunker in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area] 20 years ago. Fantastic weird places. I went into ones some might not even know exist and rappeled down a 40-foot shaft in one of them [“The Secret Underground Bunker in the Marin Headlands,” Joseph Schell, Slideshow, 7/13]. Too bad nobody is using them for something. They might be one of the only remaining things [from today left] in a thousand years. Hope they at least sealed it up with something interesting inside.

Joshua Nelson

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Blog Comment of the Week
In response to a blog comment about a '70s rock band that plays on: Dean Schaffer's pathetic attempt at witty sarcasm has failed [“Van Halen Reinforces Irrelevance by Playing New Album to Even More Irrelevant Bands,” All Shook Down, 7/19]. Has he forgotten the contributions of this legendary band to the metal we all love? Give their new music a chance and don't make stupid assumptions. His holier-than-thou attitude sucks. May the wrath of the new CD have its vengeance at number one.


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