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Woo-Woo Is a No-No

Woo-woo is just a scam: Nobody really wants the services these people are providing [Free Parking for Sale,” Feature, April 2], just as nobody wants Street Sheets. We're just allowing homeless people to delude themselves if we allow them to rule our metered parking through guilt or intimidation.

We need to give homeless people real opportunities to do real work for real money. Otherwise they'll never understand the cause and effect of working and income, and ultimately hopefully an improved life. But woo-woo is a scam that ultimately contributes to the deterioration of our quality of life. I'm sure the SFPD doesn't have a plan for it.

Paul Kim

San Francisco

Stick to the Facts

Saucer of milk for Matt Smith: I was surprised at the catty and dismissive tone of Matt Smith's latest column [“Let the Sun Shine, You Hypocrites,” March 26]. I certainly didn't learn much about the complexities and possible downfalls of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi's proposal regarding Examiner deliveries.

What I learned was simply that Smith seems to find it difficult, or maybe unnecessary, to keep an informative journalistic tone and hide his sour grapes at your paper's recent legal setback with the Bay Guardian.

Whatever the final outcome of that trial and appeal is, at this rate the case for better journalism will have been lost long ago.

Stella Billings

San Francisco

No, Thank You

Not a starving artist anymore: Hey! I just wanted to thank SF Weekly for picking me as one of the finalists in the “Masterminds” grant program [“2008 Masterminds Finalists,” March 19]. Something like this really makes me feel validated in my choice of profession — perhaps for the first time in my life.

I'll try to do something neat with the cash … and will forever cherish the memory of opening my favorite paper and seeing my name in the arts section!

Waylon Bacon


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