SF Weekly Letters April 30-May 6, 2014

Following the Phone

Put that phone in a safe place: Fascinating article [“The Life of a Stolen Phone,” Rachel Swan, feature, 4/23]. I will be keeping my phone out of sight on the streets and on public transportation. Thank you!


iPhone tracking backfires for some parents: My daughter was robbed at gunpoint on the way to school. We recovered her iPhone because we had Find My iPhone installed, and the cops arrested a [suspect]. Now that my daughter knows that we can track her location, she's turned Find My iPhone off.


Muni's Snarl

Reader encourages reporter to delve deeper: Good work, Joe Eskenazi, you're on a roll [“Soft Corruption Blues,” Your Humble Narrator, 4/23]. If you continue to tug at the exposed ends of the corruption string, the entire ball of twine becomes unraveled and people will be surprised at what falls out. Resistance to contesting the regime of corruption is what unites the entire political class. The SFMTA cannot be trusted with the significant resources required to invest in Muni. Prop. E has been a failure, insulating the SFMTA from the Board of Supervisors by ensconcing it in the Mayor's office. Not one more dollar for the SFMTA until the governance is opened up beyond mayoral appointees (elected or diverse appointed). Keep on a'tuggin, Joe, it is time to unravel this corrupt mess.


Blog Comments of the Week

Flintstone-like transportation compared to Europe: This country is about 100 years behind the rest of the world regarding public transit [“Supervisor Scott Wiener Wants More 24-Hour Transit Options,” Rachel Swan, the Snitch, 4/22]. I'm embarrassed and want to apologize every time I see a European tourist get off or on Muni.

Anita P.

Warriors belong in Oakland: Good! S.F. voters were going to vote that waterfront location down anyway [“Warriors to Buy Salesforce Site and Abandon Waterfront Stadium Plans, Sources Say,” Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch, 4/21]. No exceptions to our waterfront height limit! I still think they should stay in Oakland. Go Warriors!

Roy J.

Warriors belong in San Francisco: [Happy to] welcome the Warriors to San Francisco! It will be great having drinks in Dogpatch then walk over. Of course the old farts wish the city was the way it was in 1980, when it sucked, will want it to stay the same. Yet, the land is purchased and the building won't be as tall as the other buildings, so screw 'em! Welcome to S.F. Can't wait!


A yea for the new location: The Dogpatch/UCSF area is probably a better site from a logistics and transportation standpoint. I was bummed when the 49ers were not able to build a stadium there, but I think an enclosed basketball arena will be a more useful venue. That said, I'm sure the communists will regroup and start fighting this development too before long.

Flip M.

A nay for the new location: I hate how the old-school San Franciscans protest and object to every new thing that tries to create change in the city. A waterfront arena would have been beautiful, and I'm not even a Warriors' fan. But instead, let's leave it as a rotting pile of wood.

Tim M.

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