SF Weekly Letters February 19-25, 2014

San Franhattan

The Manhattanization of the city has got to stop [“The Next Big Thing,” Joe Eskenazi, feature, 2/12]. Basically anyone who is not a millionaire or living in a housing project will be evicted. It's a war about the future, from gentrification to Google buses to dozens of new 40-story towers. What kind of city do people want San Francisco to be?


The Music Business

Playing for pocket change: Sadly, it's universal that money to be made by bands/artists is in the commercial sector [“What Do S.F. Gigs Pay? It Depends — But Not Much,” Ian S. Port, Music 2/12]. Add to that illegal pirating and downloading (stealing) from original artists/ bands and [it creates a] a very crappy climate for them (the original artist/band).

Christine L.

Printing Our Future

There's more to this element than what meets the eye: The author is very confused and very wrong about the history of 3D printing [“The Rebirth of Manufacturing,” Rachel Swan, feature, 2/5] — and the article is ridiculously tilted against patenting inventions.


Cops on Pot

Can't put the MJ genie back in the bottle: Legalization is clearly on its way to California, and the rest of the nation eventually, and they are still trying to put the medical MJ genie back in the bottle [“The Great Cop Out,” Chris Roberts, Chem Tales, 2/5]. If they're lucky, they will get this through about the time full-on recreational use is legalized. Don't they have something better to do with their time?


Blog Comments of the Week

A group of artists responds to the renaming of the Bay Bridge: I love it. I said it the other day, they should never have named that bridge after a crooked politician [“S.F. Artists Snub Willie Brown, Install Rogue Sign Naming New Bay Bridge After Emperor Norton,” Devin Holt, the Snitch, 2/12]. They should've named it after Metallica or Joe Montana, some Bay Area guys who made many memories for [Bay Area residents].

Steve T.

Dating in no man's land: San Francisco is the best for single women who want to remain single forever [“San Francisco Ranked Best City for Single, Straight Women (Really?)” Mollie McWilliams, the Exhibitionist, 2/12]. I am keeping my Facebook friends completely entertained with my “dating” misadventures. If a woman ever gets past texting or emailing with any of the men here — it seems they all want a textual, as opposed to real life, relationship.


Drivers need to re-evaluate what is more important than a human life: Every day, without fail when I cross an intersection on a green light, there is always an impatient or aggressive driver who never really stops [“Pedestrian Killed in Collision, Driver Attempts to Walk Away (Update),” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 2/12]. They actually slowly edge the car towards you as you cross. What is so important that they feel the need to run people down?


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