SF Weekly Letters For August 4 – 10, 2016

Be Weary: Blind belief in science as the truth is just as dangerous as belief in god or anything else (“Third Eye Blind Designed a Politically-Charged T-Shirt And Will Donate The Proceeds To Hillary Clinton's Campaign,” All Shook Down, Jessie Schiewe, 8/1/16). Brendan Dreaper via Facebook

Cry Me A River: It's incredibly sad that belief in science is controversial. Shall we teach witchcraft alongside it to balance it out? Scientific findings must be independently verified. Very different from one person that declares “truth.” Shane Collins via Facebook

Everyone Sucks: Both ends of the political spectrum will have groups unwilling to compromise (“Millenial Problems: Sad Bernie Sanders,” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/28/16), the busters and the tea partiers. Both self-centered and uncaring about the beliefs of others. If they don't get their way they think the world deserves Armageddon. Maryssa Cazares via Facebook

Stay True: Your heart is good Bernie your too real for his fake ass FIFA bullshit……just like words with friends there is a cheat app that goes with this game but you won our hearts and we do need you and souls like you. Thanks for your hard work public service and dedication to humanity. Much love Mr President 2016. Willamina Savaho via Facebook

The Perfect Guy: He was screwed and handled like a gentleman! Not sure many of us would have acted the same as he did! I know I wouldnt. Steven Austin via Facebook

Down With Lee: Working class having to leave their hometown is very difficult (“Dump Dianne: Revisiting the 1983 Mayoral Recall,” Max DeNike, 7/27/16). Paying half your untaxed earning on a cramped space is tough too. So is the three hour daily commute if you had to leave. It's hard to support him when this situation hasn't been improved in years. Maryssa Cazares via Facebook

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