SF Weekly Letters For July 14 – 20, 2016

Blue Blood: How about a gathering to honor and grieve the loss of innocent Dallas policemen (“Police Protest Planned Tonight in SF?” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/8/16)? Each encounter (police intervention) must be evaluated individually and without presumption of racial prejudice. The Dallas police were protecting the peaceful protesters right to speak out. Tragic! Linda Drakulich via Facebook

Lest You Forget: Fuck all you people and your jihad against police. Without the police the bad guys would come to your house or condo and kill or injure you and take your stuff. And that's a fact. John Bunch via Facebook

Don't Be Lazy: There should be at least a $1,000 dollar fine for littering in the park as well as more trash cans located inside the park instead of on the perimeter (“'Belligerent Laziness:' Dolores Park Was A Mess Again This Morning,” The Snitch, Peter Lawrence Kane, 7/5/16). Trash cans are out of the way in current locations… Also, emptying trash cans more than once a day due to volume of humans using this park might help… Providing easier access to trash cans, maybe add a few more, and enforce a penalty/fine for littering, and more frequent emptying of trash cans. You have to find systematic ways to combat the laziness and sloppy behavior of visitors and tourists. Donny Scott Fendrick via Facebook

That's Life: Those workers who are paid to clean the park should be happy they have a job. I'm a janitor and I don't show up to work expecting a clean work place. I expect it, I welcome it. It's not fun but it's my job and it pays the bills. Alan Max Erazo via Facebook

Wish List: This is so fucking stupid. I don't see a trashcan in ANY of the pictures of the park, aside from the single actual picture of a (full) trashcan. Park n Rec readily admits that there are inadequate number and placement of trashcans. Not only should there be trashcans, but there should be copious, comprehensive trash sorting stations. “Trash” is generally a small percentage of the wastestream. There should be collection bins for paper/cardboard for the cardboard collectors. There should be bins for all deposit items for the bottle and can collectors. There should be a bin for unused food to feed the freegans. There should be a compost bin for organic material unsuitable for freegans. There should be a wash station to rinse out used food containers to mitigate flies and rodents. There should be many such reclamation centers strategically and generously stationed around the park. There should be a staff person designated to patrol the stations, educate the public and help sort and reclaim. C.U.F.

Adios, Techies: Can't wait to see all those programmers after they get kicked to the curb by the robots they are designing (“Uber Killing Jobs in SF By Hiring Robots,” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/6/16) complaining about the future we warned them about. Some of us do remember the mistakes of the past and do not intend to repeat them. Sebra Leaves

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