SF Weekly Letters For July 21 – 27, 2016

Message is clear: It's absolutely astounding that San Francisco does not already have a text-to-911 capability! (“Texting 911, Max DeNike, 7/14/16) Let's see, $9 BILLION annual budget. Check. $50,000,000 a year in OVERTIME for SFFD. Check. Same for cops. $265,000,000 annual for homeless “nonprofits” (haha). Check. Yet high-tech S.F. has no text-to-911 service! AND SAN BERNADINO DOES!!! This city is such a corrupt, pathetic joke. Supervisors, you are on notice! Patrick McGuire

Scarcity of city life: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because of stress when I realize that we can hardly save any money for a rainy day because of the high rent (“Rents Falling in SF, But Sky Remains Overhead,” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/12/16). I have to rent here because of work. With a daughter in school and a new baby, where am I going to get money for their future college costs? College costs are soaring too. With so little savings, what's going to happen if I lose my job? Since I'm getting old, and the Bay Area and the rest of the economy not liking older, aging workers, what then? It's so hard to get ahead economically, and financial stability feels like like an unattainable myth. There's so much stress I feel when I realize there's such a thin line between today and financial ruin, and that there is so much at stake for my family. Middle Class Serf

Anti-virus, pro guns: Hasn't this guy had enough mental issues (“John McAfee Brings Guns to Bitcoin Fight in SF,” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/18/16) to be denied a permit yet? Kim O'Connor via Twitter

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