SF Weekly Letters For July 28 – August 3, 2016

Pokedon't: I'm worried about this generation, but I guess so did parents back in 70's and 80's (“Pokemon in the Age of Distraction,” Max DeNike, 7/20/16). Adeline Crospy via Facebook

Sad Sad World: You really just have to pity these people. How empty and unfulfilling must be your life if you're going to spend it wandering the city catching imaginary creatures. SF Native

Dhillon Who?: She isn't as bright as she thinks she is (“The Republican Convention Story You Missed,” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/20/16). I have news for you, it appears you aren't welcome in the so-called big tent – so please stop hitting yourself and leave the dark side. Robert Scalzi via Facebook

Not For You: Gotta wonder about the intelligence of someone who joins a party that despises her very existence. Sharon Cohen Jones via Facebook

Give Her A Chance: The audience seemed very respectful. I was even surprised by the number of people shouting down the haters on the GOPs Facebook post. This article should be rewritten as “there are mean people on the internet leaving nasty comments. 10 ways to spin that into a clickbait article that plays in people's distrust of the other party.” Luke Duncan via Facebook

Claims of Bias: Then why do you paint all police officers as evil (“Hate Speech Throws Fuel on Fire of Recall Ed Lee Campaign,” The Snitch, Max DeNike, 7/19/16). You don't point out the fact that one bad cop was caught doing something illegal. You chant kill cops, then you don't want to paint this group with racial hate. Liberal media at its best. Vincent Chew

In Defense of the Chinese: All those protesters carrying Chinese signs and wearing matching shirts helped build America's railroads, and were bused to City Hall from their City subsided housing, in return for which they vote the way the machine tells them to vote. The City gives out $1 billion a year to “nonprofits.” City Hall Stinks

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