SF Weekly Letters July 24-30, 2013

Gentrification 101

What's wrong with the rest of the Bay Area cities?: What is it that is so lacking from the rest of the Bay Area — particularly Santa Clara County, where most of the tech jobs are — that compels people to move to S.F., despite the rents, decaying infrastructure, crime, and general hassle of living here? I think it's a fair question, albeit a difficult one to answer. Ask it to anyone living in Oakland, for example, and the asker is likely to see the veins start popping out of their head as they become apoplectic at the notion that there is anything about The City that makes it preferable to The Town. And in many ways, they're probably right to do so. Yet the cycle seems to continue unabated.


Snapshots of a Protest

Photos seem to focus on few bad eggs: I'm sick of shit media [“Trayvon Martin Protest in Oakland,” Joseph Geha, slideshows, 7/16]. “Oh! Let's just send the hipster team of photographers and 'journalists' to Oakland, where of course they're going to catch violent protestors just ruining the town! I mean, that's what they always do!” Please.

I'm not even from Oakland, I'm from LA, and I've been to my own share of protests down there. Of course, living anywhere besides Oakland, people hear the hype “OMG don't go to Oakland! You'll get killed!”

With that said, I went to this Oakland protest and feared no one except the cops and their guns. This was one of the most peaceful protests ever. We were angry, mourning, but all the while calm and peaceful. Don't peg individual assholes to the entire group.

Many just think of themselves and their interrupted commute on the freeway. Meanwhile, I have to worry whether or not my family and I will be profiled and killed just for being black. So the photographers can go cry into their vintage records; we're going to be over here trying to get real shit done.


Blog Comments of the Week

Police didn't target fare evader because of his race: It isn't about races; black, white, Hispanic or Asian, if a person doesn't have money to pay for the fare, then the person can't ride [“Activists Plan to Shutdown Muni to Mark Second Anniversary of Kenneth Harding Shooting,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 7/16]. Obviously, shooting someone over this is totally absurd, but it's equally absurd that people are complaining about getting the police involved in what obviously is a crime.


Comparing gay marriage to gun laws: This is kind of like the anti-gun folks just can't let it go and accept that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right and all 50 states must recognize and protect that right [“Same-Sex Marriage Foes Lose Again, Court Rules Gays Can Keep Getting Married,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch 7/15].


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