SF Weekly Letters June 4-10, 2014

Muni Vs. Muni

Don't forget labor history: I stand united with the bus drivers [“No Free Rides,” Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 5/28]. People need to remember, these are the same people who bring them to work! People need to read about labor history; unions set the industry standard.

Naomi F.

Bus drivers should be able to afford homes in the city they work in: People can be hypocritical — on one hand someone will admit that people are not earning enough, that rental prices are too high in this city, and the minimum wage should be raised, then on the other, complain about Muni and BART employees fighting for higher wages. Someone can't afford to purchase a house in S.F. unless he earns over $100,000. And people realize that there is a parking problem in the city and pollution problems in the world, so they choose a greener way to commute to work, but then they don't want to pay the people responsible for getting them to work. When will these contradictory views end? Muni and BART employees should earn more. They should be able to afford a house in this city.

Javier C.

Prop. 13 Pitfalls

Prop. 13 was a wolf in sheep's clothing: A fair and balanced assessment of the long-term effects of Proposition 13, and the scams that have followed it [“This Land Is Your Land and Your Land and Your Land,” Joe Eskenazi, Your Humble Narrator, 5/28]. Rich property owners were the true beneficiaries of Prop. 13, as they were its proponents and largest politically funding donors. The right hand definitely knew what the left hand was doing — taking money out of average homeowner taxpayer pockets and putting it into their own — while claiming they were righting a wrong.


Guy's Fan

Not everyone dislikes Guy Fieri: Why does [writer] Katy St. Clair have so much hate [“Loss of Appetite,” Kill Your Television, 5/28]? Guy Fieri rocks! He inspired my gal and me to buy an old Mustang convertible and drive to some great places in California to eat. He is a dude that has done well. Don't hate.


Roll Up the Condom Bill

STI tests every 14 days are enough: Performers are currently required to be tested for STIs every 14 days and be verified through the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) secure database [“The Rubber State,” Siouxsie Q, The Whore Next Door, 5/28]. The new state mandate would require a slightly less comprehensive STI test every 14 days. How many people do you know who test regularly? This bill is B.S.

Chale T.

Blog Comment of the Week

Attractiveness is subjective: How ridiculous. As if attractive people are only found in some companies [“San Francisco Businesses with the Most Attractive Employees,” Mollie McWilliams, the Exhibitionist, 5/29]. And who is attractive is completely subjective. There are attractive and unattractive people everywhere, in every line of work. In any case, attractive isn't only exterior, as everyone with any sense or life experience knows.

Lillian M.

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