SF Weekly Letters March 5-11, 2014

Shake and Spray Art

Graffiti is still an act of vandalism: As a homeless tent dweller who recently had his tent tagged by a spray can idiot, I do not view tagging as a valid art form [“The Writing on the Wall,” Melissa Hellmann, feature, 2/27]. It is vandalism without any artistic merit and those who engage in such activities should be punished rather than praised.


There's an App for That Appetizer

Put the phone down and go outside: Maybe the writer should just go into the real world and interact with real people in a real setting and become a real person [“Filler App,” Eat, Anna Roth, 2/27]. No, wait — she should hide in her $3,000 dollar apartment. She's probably not gonna tip anyway and she'll be on her phone the whole time.

Woo hoo! S.F. is fun!


Protesting the Protest

Protesters likely own tech gadgets: I'll admit to a bias against protesters [“The Evolution of the Protest,” Rachel Swan, feature, 2/19]. As a National Guardsman in the 1960s I never wanted to see another “protester.” Too often their protest was an excuse to destroy property/get in the face of the public, or in my case, the army. That said, the thing that bothers me about the Google bus protesters is the hypocrisy. The [public] knows very well that every one of those dingbats, like the occupiers before them, has a smart phone — iPhone, Kindle, laptop — and probably couldn't find the library without Google maps. Where do these brats think their gadgets come from, the moon?


Blog Comments of the Week

Great gesture, but concerned about the motives: I think the free Muni for children is a great program [“Google Donation to Make Muni Free for San Francisco's Low-Income Kids,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 2/27]. I do wonder, however, if this was an attempt by Google to try and improve its image of creating — at least some of — the gentrification problems in the Bay Area.


Rise and shine: It's comical that in 2014 we still have clowns like Kim Jong-un running around on the world stage [“SF Weekly Goes International, Interviews North Korean Expert,” Devin Holt, the Exhibitionist, 2/27]. The Koreans need to wake their passive asses up!

Art G.

So much to enjoy: I'm not sure what's more entertaining — the way the article started, “gentrification drama swept through the lower Haight,” the fact that someone would actually wear [Google Glass] into a bar, or that a techie was in a dive bar in the Haight to begin with [“Woman Says She Was Attacked for Wearing Google Glass at San Francisco Dive Bar,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 2/25].

Jane S.

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