SF Weekly Letters May 21-27, 2014

Racism Runs Deep

Poor management is sinking the ship: Another depressing reminder of how absurdly difficult it is to live as a black man in America these days [“Loose Lips Sink Ships,” Andrew Scot Bolsinger, feature, 5/14]. It is really shocking that management was willing to keep employing anyone who called their fellow employees racist epithets, apparently even in demonstrable, written form.

I sort of suspect that if this kind of hostile work environment had been directed at [other minority] employees, it would have been stopped immediately. When it comes to black men though, one can just blame it all on their “attitude.”

A really excellent piece of journalism from the SF Weekly. I hope this leads to Hornblower losing its S.F. contracts — at minimum. I will certainly be writing to the appropriate bodies (the U.S. Park Service and city government, I guess) to express my strong belief that a company this unwilling to fire racist and hostile employees should not be allowed to keep a government contract.



The kill-switch comes alive: It's a double-edged sword and a dictator's dream come true [“Flipping on the Kill Switch,” Rachel Swan, Sucka Free City, 5/14]. Imagine being able to kill phones in a certain region where people decided they didn't want any information to leak out. As for individuals wanting to kill it themselves, that's a plus, but nothing is without unwarranted consequences in our information age.

Moe R.

Blog Comments of the Week

Bay Area drivers aren't as bad as some might think: I sit in San Jose traffic every morning and afternoon and hear people honk their horns maybe once a week [“Study: San Francisco Drivers Aren't That Bitchy,” Melissa Hellmann, the Snitch, 5/14]. It's pretty amazing how most people are chill even when someone cuts them off.

Josh H.

However, there are exceptions to the rule: This new exit is a joke and very confusing [“Driver Confused by New Exit at Golden Gate Bridge, Crashes Into a Lane of Cars,” Erin Sherbert, 5/12]. I was totally thrown off yesterday and ended up having to go over the bridge and back because of it. Glad I didn't pull any illegal stunts like the Prius.

Christopher S.

A biased Bay to Breakers' participant: See, that's what pisses me off about Bay To Breakers — it's always guys that are running around nude [“Help Wanted: Craigslist Ad Seeks Nude Males for Bay to Breakers,” Jonathan Ramos, the Exhibitionist, 5/12]. They should not allow that. There are never any hot chicks running nude. You never see any women like Carmen Electra or Scarlett Johansson running nude. That bothers me.

Steve T.

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