SF Weekly Letters November 13-19, 2013

A Very San Francisco Election

This election year was a head scratcher: Thank you, SF Weekly! I consistently vote, and share thoughts, concerns, and outrage with my well-educated friends, who, for the most part, have chosen to flat-out ignore the process all together [“Our Non-Voting Guide,” feature, SF Weekly Staff, 11/6]. The things San Francisco residents voted for this year really made me scratch my head (no opposition whatsoever for three incumbents?) and begrudgingly silence my inner cynic over Prop. D. Thank you for putting a smart, acidic, and funny face on these oh so San Franciscan elections.


Reading Rainbow

Libraries comes with a wide variety of people and smells: I have worked both in a public library and in a porn store, and I'll take a public library any day of the week [“Doody Decimal System,” Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 11/5]. I have never seen poop, per se, but books often smell like people's cooking (especially cookbooks), and other unpleasant smells (like dog smell and just yucky, musky smells). In a porn store though, any wet/sticky material is suspect.


Gallery Graffiti

Banksy has to make a return visit to S.F.: I know everyone loves Banksy; I am an avid fan of his (and his team) [“Peaceful Hearts Doctor,” Jonathan Curiel, arts, 11/6]. However, street art is meant to be free and fun. When this happens to other street artist's work, nobody cares. I can see how people are annoyed, but props to the dude who did it. Now Banksy will just have to come hold down his turf.

Max G

Street art comes and goes: I remember when Shepard Fairey was the Important Graffiti Artist. Before him, there was Keith Haring. There will be others to take Banksy's place. If you're going to do graffiti art, make brilliant art.

Cynthia M.

Blog Comment of the Week

Forget societal norms, and just be kind: Why do people get so hung up on made-up societal “norms”? A skirt is a piece of cloth; it's neither good nor bad [“Sasha Fleischman: Donate to Help Skirt-Wearing Teen Who Was Set on Fire on City Bus,” Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 11/6]. People who feel hatred towards others for how they dress, talk, walk, etc. are the ones with the problem. [Bay Area residents] don't put up with that shit here. The exceedingly generous donors renew my faith in humanity.

Rob B.

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