SF Weekly Letters November 27-December 3, 2013

Rocky Road

Article provides in-depth look at Internet drug world: This is an excellently written article, one that offers a strong overview of the situation [“The Obsolete Crime Lord,” Rachel Swan, feature, 11/20]. For those among us who frequented the Silk Road and came to know it as a superb, reliable resource for well-regulated and dependable materials, may I only say that I hope the Silk Road 2.0 turns out to be even more important and dependable than its first iteration. Free Ross Ulbricht!


Reimaging the Past

New Tosca is better than no Tosca at all: I want to compliment Anna Roth on her fair and open-minded review of my old hangout, Tosca Cafe [“What Recession?” Eat, 11/20]. When friends of mine asked me my impressions of the new Tosca, all I could say was, “It's gone corporate, but I guess it's better than no Tosca at all.” We'll see if and when the hype dies down, but I truly think it's lost its heart and soul. To begin with, I couldn't care less about the items on its menu, nothing really appeals to me. And I was really hoping that it might have some good upscale typical/generic bar food. And Roth is right, the prices are outrageous. Being a beer drinker, I can't believe the cheapest brew is $8. Insane! And even when the old Tosca was busy, you could still walk through the place without getting elbowed in the ribs. Now, with the railing and benches against the left wall it's impossible. Hell, sometimes my most enjoyable times were when there were very few people there and you could just luxuriate in solitude. The whole vibe of the place seems very elitist to me. But this is an elitist town, so what else is new?

Tim “Tupelo” Goodrich

Blowing in the Wind

Don't sweat it, the trees will be fine: I don't know, these same types of palms line Dolores Street for miles, and palms are around Union Square, and I've never seen fronds on the roads or much litter [“Another Day in Paradise,” Joe Eskenazi, News, 11/6]. No tourist has been slain by a falling frond in front of Macy's. And I thought these palms were chosen specifically because they came from a windy, oceanic place, and they do well on Treasure Island too — and it doesn't get more windy than that. This sounds like a lot of hyped-up concern over nothing. They'll be fine.


Blog Comments of the Week

People spend an obscene amount of money on lots of things: Let's face it, most goofballs spend a little under $10 bucks at Starbucks getting a “crappuchino” and some snacks; if people are willing to pay more, let them [“Merigan Is Quite Possibly the Most Overpriced Sandwich In the City,” Pete Kane, SFoodie, 11/19]. Who gives?

Cest M.

Another reader is tired of the high price of everything: This needs to stop! This city is getting outrageous on all sides! I already have to deal with my high rent, now I'm going to have to deal with high-dollar-below-average food! And not to mention I'm the “lower middle class” that makes six figures! I for one will not be supporting this or any other ridiculously priced S.F. eatery.


The price is relative: Heck, $10 for a sub sandwich in San Francisco is actually cheap! Shit, the toll for the Golden Gate Bridge is $6 bucks. Just to cross a bridge!

John R.

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