SF Weekly Letters October 9-15, 2013

Yacht IKEA

Outfit your home with America's Cup furniture: This is laugh out loud funny. I had no idea about this; in the next few years I will need a new refrigerator [“Everything Must Go!” Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 10/2]. Thanks, America's Cup, I can already smell the savings.


Closing Time

Bouncer column send-off: I cannot believe Katy St. Clair's decade-old relationship with SF Weekly is at the penultimate stage [“Paying Tribute,” Katy St. Clair, Bouncer, 10/2]. I suspect her reason for leaving will be the standard, canned — “to spend more time with the family.” Certainly commendable, but so often just another façade. Well, there was no façade on St. Clair's [writing] — she shot from the hip and hit the target. I got some laughs from her that were long and deep. A man cannot ask for more than that.


Editor's note

This week, we see the end of a night at the bars that spanned nearly a decade. Yes, friends, the lights have come up for Bouncer. Since 2004, Katy St. Clair has taken us through the stories of San Francisco, one pub at a time. Hers was a long-term sociological study masquerading as a bar column. And so, after 450 columns, a blurry procession of strangers, a constant search for pickled meaning, and a flight of awards — including a mention in the New York Times about a fabled review of the Cheesecake Factory — last call has been announced. As with all good drunks, there's time for nostalgia, recriminations, half-remembered truths, and pointing. But let not that hangover last too long! Because Ms. St. Clair will return next week with a new column — which isn't about bars, but does concern another opiate of the masses … one that never closes, and won't boot you for unruly behavior.

Brandon R. Reynolds, Editor

Blog Comments of the Week

Road trip through The Grapes of Wrath: And, now everyone that missed it the first time (except the one percent) will have the opportunity to relive the anguish of those Dust Bowl days [“Road Trip Recreation for 75th Anniversary of The Grapes of Wrath,” Juan De Anda, the Exhibitionist, 10/2]. It would be more [realistic] if we didn't have credit cards and home equity loans. Anyone that cares for elderly parents and has children understands the universal feelings of desperation and hopelessness.


Reader thinks Portland is tops when it comes to the food scene: Right now? As if what — San Francisco's going to catch up? It has been this way for awhile [“Why Portland's Food Scene is Better Than S.F.'s Right Now,” John Birdsall, SFoodie, 9/25]. This is the reason people at a well-known New York newspaper send reporters every year to Portland to drool over the diversity and art of the Portland food scene, and not S.F. Sorry about that.


Another reader thinks San Francisco is tops when it comes to the food scene: Portland is great for cheap eats but it doesn't have the same level or number of top tier restaurants. S.F.'s scene compares to the level of NYC or L.A, not Portland.


Fake Larry Ellison is hilarious: That is one of the funniest things I've ever read [“Faux Larry Ellison to San Francisco: Fuck You for Not Clapping Harder Over My America's Cup Win,” SF Weekly Staff, the Snitch, 9/30]! Bravo to the author for putting a smile on my face. (Or is that a smirk?!) Loved it!

Laura L.

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