SFO Is One of the World's Worst Airports, Study Says

As you already well-traveled folks know, catching a flight out of SFO sucks. Just ask Terri Weissinger, who lived at the airport for eight days because of unpaid baggage fees.

And then there's the issue of flight delays, which is clearly a chronic problem in San Francisco, according to a new study released this month.

Lets Fly Cheaper, an online company that helps travelers select the best airports, updated its list of the absolute worst airports for business travelers. You guessed it  — San Francisco ain't great. In fact, the Bay Area's airport ranked no. 6 on the list of which airports to avoid, with 14 percent of its flights in June suffering delays.

So how exactly did researchers come up with this ranking?

“We focus on delayed departing flights — the most relevant statistic for the busy business traveler, who cannot afford to miss important meetings,” said Ramon Van Meer, LTC marketing director. “In addition to the total number of delayed flights, we looked at the

monthly volume of flights, or aircraft movement at each airport. What we

found is that airport “busyness” is not necessarily correlated with

flight delays.”

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