SFPD: Protesters Spraying What May Be Pesticide into Cops' Faces

A Friday “Be on the Lookout” bulletin circulated to members of the San Francisco Police Department warned officers to be mindful of protesters wielding cans of pesticide. 

During the Nov. 28 Black Friday protests in which a large number of commuter demonstrators were arrested in San Francisco “several SFPD officers were sprayed by masked protesters with an unknown substance which caused irritation to their face and eyes,” reads the Friday bulletin by Sgt. Maricela Sainez. “Several pesticide canisters were found a few blocks away.” 

This missive was sent on the eve of the weekend's heavy protests. The SFPD didn't register any civil disobedience arrests; our calls to the department to inquire whether anyone was arrested or even spotted spraying unknown undesirables at officers has not yet been returned.

[jump] Cops we spoke with were a bit puzzled as to why they received word on Dec. 12 that noxious chemicals had been used on officers all the way back on Nov. 28. Our call to Sainez has also not yet been returned. 

Her brief bulletin urges officers to “remain as vigilant as possible” and concludes with the advisable but ambiguous sign-off “Be safe.” 

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