Sharee M. Hall, East Bay Woman, Sentenced for Ripping Off Jet Li's Charity

A Contra Costa County woman messed with the wrong person when she decided to defraud movie star Jet Li and his disaster-relief charity, One Foundation.

Today, Sharee M. Hall, a Rodeo resident, was sentenced to six-plus years in prison after she was convicted in October of wire fraud and money laundering

in after stealing some $200,000 from One Foundation. She was also ordered to pay $94,325 in restitution, according to federal prosecutors.

After an eight-day trial, the jury concluded that Hall participated in a scheme to rip off One Foundation by transferring an unauthorized $94,325 from the charity's bank account to Hall's personal HSBC bank account. In addition, she bought a cashier's check for $102,500 using money stolen from the charity.

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