Sigh. Yes, Today Is National Margarita Day.

After being relentlessly hounded by a spamming tequila marketer — which conjured up horrific mental imagery of tequila and Spam — I am capitulating. I will inform you that today, Monday, is National Margarita Day. While “Margarita Monday” is alliterate, I can't understand what good could come out of quaffing powerful margaritas on the outset of the working week (and the margarita recipe the tequila spammers were pushing called for eight ounces of liquor. Pendejo!!).

I will not, however, reveal the name of the tenacious liquor-pushers who flooded my inbox with tequila. Nor will I tell you of the amusing college years escapade that all started when someone whipped out a bottle of Mexican bathtub tequila that had so little pretension to grandeur that the label on the plastic bottle was noticeably crooked.

If there's any lesson to be learned, it's that getting your own national holiday isn't nearly as hard as, say, passing a bipartisan health care bill. We'd make fun of National Punctuation Day — but at least it's keeping a former journalist busy.

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