Silicon Valley Startup Invents Technology to Catch Cell Phone Crooks

It was only a matter of time before someone created new technology that would bust cell phone crooks.

The good folks over at TrustGo, a Silicon Valley-based security software company, have made it that much easier for you to get your stolen phone back — and see who took it.

Imagine this:

A masked bandit steals your phone near a bus stop and sprints onto the next Muni. While you're fretting by the bus station, the thief is trying to break the passcode to get into your phone. Up until now, you could say sayonara to your smartphone.

But this new technology means that the instance a thief tries to break into your phone, the device will take a photo of the crook in question. The picture and the location of the phone will then be sent to the victim's e-mail address.

It's like Gotcha! meets Revenge of the Nerds!

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