Sit Lie: Controversial Law Hardly Ever Needs to Be Enforced, Cop Says

For a long while, the city's potential — and now voter-enacted — sit-lie measure was the political talk of the town. Now, it seems, no one is talking much about the contentious 2010 ballot measure turned law — and that includes the police officers enforcing it.

Officer Brett Kaczmarczyk often walks a foot beat or rides his bike along the portion of Haight that last year served as ground zero for the city forces claiming sit-lie was necessary to save hard-working San Franciscans from dangerous punks and opponents claiming it was San Francisco's first step to authoritarian dictatorship.

In practice, says Kaczmarczyk, it's far from either of those. In fact, it's hardly practiced. The veteran cop says he rarely has to even bring up the law with folks loitering on the street, because they know it already. They see him coming and they get up and move along.

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