Smoking Medical Marijuana Helps MS Patients, Study Says

A common critique of medical cannabis is that there's no way anything “smoked” can be beneficial to someone of ill health.

This simple and convenient theory — smoking (tobacco) is bad, therefore anything that can be smoked must also be bad — was recently repeated by former White House drug czar John Walters. “Pretending smoked marijuana is medicine … will end badly,” Walters wrote in an op-ed titled “Why Legalizing Drugs Is a Bad Idea.”

It appears listening to doctors and scientists is also a bad idea, at least for Walters. Smoked marijuana — that is, cannabis delivered in its crudest form — proved an effective medicine to sufferers of multiple sclerosis surveyed in a UC San Diego School of Medicine study.

Researchers gave real joints and sham ones to a group of 30 MS sufferers, and found that the ones lighting up real green experienced less spasticity and less pain. The pot smokers also experienced “adverse cognitive effects and increased fatigue,” according to a UCSD release. Guess it wasn't sativa.

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