Will the Diplomat Who Drove Into the Tree on Post Street Kindly Remove Their Honda Fit?

An anonymous tipster writes into say that a red Honda Fit with consular plates executed a poor parking job on the 700 block of Post Street near Leavenworth last evening, leaving the car overnight with one wheel on the sidewalk and causing a sapling recently planted by Friends of the Urban Forest to lean. While driving onto the curb is the kind of oopsie that any sober person could pull off, the fact that an entitled person hiding boorishly behind diplomatic privileges would just leave the car like that suggests that alcohol may have played a role.

The “CTR” prefix suggests that the vehicle is registered to an Italian consul, as TR is the prefix for Italy; San Francisco’s Italian consulate is at 2590 Webster St. in Pacific Heights, and it is currently closed.

“Neighbors called MTS traffic enforcement (dispatcher 37 said there was nothing to be done except to call police),” the tipster said. “Police were called last night an after they say the consul plates, said there was nothing illegal here since they are not ‘impeding traffic.'”

The tipster added that they again contacted MTA only to be told by the same dispatcher that because it was a consular car, there was nothing to cite them for. “I was recommending  she at least find something to cite them with, seeing as we neighbors are often ticketed for much less reckless, less obviously drunk infractions. I suggested at least ‘failure to curb wheels’ and she responded, ‘Don’t threaten us!’ And hung up on me.”

If you were planning on going to a barbecue this weekend, know that you missed a real hootenanny last evening with a glamorous international clientele.

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