So, How Many SEIU Workers are Facing Layoffs? Depends on Whom You Ask.

The big news of the day in the city — other than our pending return to a quasi-barter economy; I'll exchange two chickens for a scrape of gold off the City Hall dome I can trade to the Ron Paul supporter down the street for some mittens — is the ongoing battle regarding pending layoffs in the health department.

Yet it seems unclear just how many workers stand to lose their jobs. First we heard it was well over 500. Then in the flier announcing last week's boisterous City Hall protest, the number 500 was bandied about. Then, the number 100 found its way into the press. And, today, we saw “45 to 70.” What's the correct answer? Well, all of them — depending on whom you ask.

In this case, we asked SEIU organizer Robert Haaland, and he answered 546. But there's an explanation that goes with that. Yes, 546 people are slated to be laid off. But the vast majority of them will almost certainly be hired back by the city.

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