So Long, Gavin Newsom

It doesn't come as a surprise that Gavin Newsom, who made every effort to get out of San Francisco short of mailing himself to parts unknown, is leaving town. What's unexpected is he couldn't come up with a better excuse. Apparently, the Newsom's $2.7 million abode isn't large enough to accommodate a family of four.

Four what? Rhinoceri?

We suppose $2.7 mil just don't buy what it used to. Either that or the plans to install a squash court for the wee ones was just no longer feasible after the installation of the monorail. And, really, who puts in a squash court without a monorail? It's just not done.

We placed a call to an expert in moving one's family out of town after being elected to represent it. Surprisingly, former Supervisor Chris Daly was sympathetic to his despised rival's plight.

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