Soda Jerk: Felony Charge for Beverage Thief

The Taraval Police Station blotter carries this story of a man who pocketed a soda at a 7-11 and was subsequently arrested, then charged with a felony due to prior convictions. It's tempting to roll your eyes and wonder if our legal system's efforts are best used to prosecute thirsty petty thieves, but first read the bulletin and then try to muster sympathy for the culprit. (Officers' names have been omitted.)

05/16/09 2:45 pm 1300 block of 46th Avenue

Officers were inside a 7-11 store when they observed a man take a beverage from a cooler, put it in his pocket and walk past the uniformed officers and out of the store without paying for the merchandise. The officers stopped the man and arrested the resident of the 500 block of 36th Avenue for theft. He was charged with felony theft due to having prior convictions.

While you shouldn't be pilfering refreshing drinks when you already have prior convictions, you definitely shouldn't do it in front of not one, not two, but three police officers.

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