Sorry, CNN, Marijuana Does Not Cause Man Boobs

One of the biggest steps forward on drug reform this year was taken by CNN, when the network's main man on medicine Sanjay Gupta came clean on cannabis.

In 2009, when Gupta was possibly in the running to be Barack Obama's surgeon general, medical marijuana was a sham, not supported by science. Somehow, that same science changed four years later. In August, CNN devoted an hourlong special to Gupta's total flip-flop. He was wrong; marijuana is medicine after all.

It appears CNN's embrace of truth was too good to last. This week, one of the network's clinical contributors caused a splash with the claim that marijuana is “probably” a chief cause of gynecomastia, or man boobs.

We don't even have to wait four years on this one. This is a myth already well-exploded — barely supported as a theory by the studies CNN cited.

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