Sparking Interest: The Year in Marijuana Reporting

In San Francisco, Marijuana is always a topic of interest. This past year saw the city dealing with the ins and outs of medical Marijuana and grappling with a debate over decriminalization. Here are some of our most read posts on the issues.

Get Up, Stand Up: Ammiano Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill to the Press

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's press conference this morning announcing his

Marijuana-legalization bill started punctually and stayed relentlessly

on-point — thereby denying a barb to every journalist present. Read More.

Chronic City: Yes, I'm a Medical Marijuana Patient. No, I'm Not Sorry.

There are many among us who obviously harbor some enormous moral

judgments about Marijuana and about those who legally use it as

medicine — as if we should somehow feel guilty about the relief that

is afforded us through using this herb. Read More.

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