SPCA Raising Money for Stolen Dog Found with Eye, Ear and Teeth Missing

As if we needed any more reason to doubt the future of humanity, here's yet another horrifying tale. Yvette Acevedo's 12-year-old Yorkie, Toto, was stolen out of her backyard in Hayward early last year. After canvassing the neighborhood, posting “missing” signs, and reporting Toto's disappearance to multiple area dog shelters, Acevedo assumed her dear Toto was a goner.

Well, she was only half right. On November 28, a crate appeared on her front step. Inside was a miserable little creature with missing teeth, a missing ear, one eye missing, and the other eye protruding. Acevedo opened the crate and the poor animal slumped onto the ground, covered in puss and smelling of sewer.

It was Toto – almost dead.

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