Speakeasy Brewery Not Going Away So Easily

Popular microbrewery reverses course, announces they’ll keep producing beer until a new buyer takes over.

Fans of the cult-hit, locally produced craft beers Big Daddy IPA and Prohibition Ale got some rough news last week when the San Francisco microbrewery Speakeasy Brewery announced they were shutting down, effective immediately. But Speakeasy spoke too soon, and declared some late-breaking Friday, March 17 news that the brewery will continue producing beer until a new owner takes over.

Speakeasy’s India Basin taproom will still remain closed, and all but six Speakeasy employees are still laid off. But the brewery announced late Friday afternoon that they will continue to produce their signature craft beers that have been a favorite at local corner stores for the last 20 years.

“Update! We’re not dead yet,” the company announced in a Facebook post on — of all days — Saint Patrick’s Day. “Brewing and packaging operations at our San Francisco brewery have commenced while we wait for new ownership to close a deal during the next 45 days.”

A similar announcement was posted on Speakeasy’s website. “The company’s tap room will remain closed, but the brewery continues to produce your favorite beers,” the announcement said. “Speakeasy will continue while a sale to a new owner is anticipated to close during the next 45 days.”

It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to infer that Speakeasy has already found an interested buyer, and they’re in the process of closing the deal. It’s impossible to anticipate what they buyer will do with the brand, or even if the sale will be completed. But Speakeasy insists they’re still producing beer and even releasing a new craft beer called Murky Business APA.

The beer situation seems fluid with Speakeasy these days, so fans of the label should keep a close eye on the Speakeasy Facebook page and Twitter account for more announcements.  

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