'Squishy Numbers' Be Damned, Controller to Give Mayor City's Financial Report Today

Can you see Gavin Newsom as a game show host? He's got the hair, he's telegenic, and if we sweet-talk Gene Rayburn's relatives, maybe he can even get the long microphone.

Between internecine struggles and, now, the looming question of just how much the state will whisk away from the County of San Francisco, this year's budget battle really has resembled an old edition of Let's Make a Deal (with many more zeroes on the “prizes”). Do we sign a budget? Or take what's behind Door No. 1?

Just what awaits us behind that door will become a little clearer today when the city controller's office releases its report analyzing what the state's large print giveth and small print taketh away. Per changes introduced in the city's budgeting process just last month by Supervisor John Avalos, the controller is mandated to pen such a report within a week of the state ratifying its budget. Deputy controller Monique Zmuda told us a “short” report will be made public by the end of today, despite some “squishy numbers.”

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