State Might Have More Women, Minorities Than White Men in 2013 Congressional Caucus

There's a decent chance that in 2013, white men will not rule California's congressional caucus for a change.

Currently, 28 of California's 53 representatives are white men. Of the other 25, 19 are women, nine of whom are minorities, and six are minority men.

Because of redistricting, handled by an independent commission, California's “potential scope of the upheaval” is “easily the largest anywhere in the nation,” the New York Times concluded in February. At least six representatives are retiring and 10 races are competitive.

On Sunday, the Chronicle reported that David Wasserman, the House editor for the non-partisan newsletter Cook Political Report, said he expects the caucus to be 46 to 48 percent white men by 2013, which would mean that women and minority men gain two to four seats in November.

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