Stay On Your Side of the Bay This Weekend

BART is shutting down its transbay service this weekend to make repairs to the transbay tube, so if at all possible, STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BAY. 

[jump] There will be some options for crossing from San Francisco to Oakland, but they will likely be horrible and slow and time-consuming. BART will have a “lifeline bus service” between the 19th Street station in Oakland and the Transbay Terminal in SF, but they anticipate the trip could cause “1 to 2 hour delays” and should only be used by “those who have no other options.”

The ferry is offering additional service over the weekend, and you can always take the AC Transit transbay bus, but do you really need to go to brunch this weekend in the Mission/Temescal that badly? Leave those options to people who absolutely need to travel for work or family, and sample the perfectly good breakfast, lunch, and dinner options on your own side of the bay.  

During the 2013 BART strike, startup Avego offered rich people helicopter service across the Bay, but that was ages ago, Avego is now Carma, and they don't seem to have any more helicopters in their fleet. 

All in all, it's a really good weekend to stay home and enjoy whichever side of the bay enjoys your outrageously high rent.

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