Steph Curry’s Birthday: The Steph-initive Guide

The baby-faced assassin was born an actual baby 29 years ago today, and we pay homage with a video treasury of his greatest shots.

If ever there was a day to try to concoct a mouthguard-shaped birthday cake, it would be today. Today, March 14, 2017, is the 29th birthday of Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry — the NBA champion, two-time league Most Valuable Player, and one-time SF Weekly “Best of SF” award winner considered by many to be the greatest shooter in the history of basketball.


Old people like me remember that Steph is the son of former pro basketball player Dell Curry, who played in the NBA from 1986-2002. The two of them actually did a Burger King commercial in 1990s that somehow predicted young Steph’s future destiny.


Known for his trick shots, Curry is also renowned for hitting impossible baskets from long-range distance on a routine basis.


Chef Curry with the pot is such a marksman shooting the basketball that he will regularly celebrate the shot before the basketball even goes through the hoop.


Curry is nicknamed “the baby-faced assassin,” but his real-life baby Riley Curry has been named “the world’s top reigning sports baby” for her adorable scene-stealing antics both at courtside and in post-game press conferences.


Steph wears No. 30 for the Warriors, but he’s only turning 29 today. So the Golden State all-star will have to wait another year for his “Golden” birthday

The Warriors play the Philadelphia 76ers tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Oracle Arena, and the game will be broadcast on CSN Bay Area.

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