Still Life In Lower Haight

If you frequent the Haight, Divisidero, or Broadway — and you walk really slowly — you may already be featured in one of John Paul Marcelo's paintings.

“I paint every day,” affirms the artist. Marcelo, a San Franciscan since 2002, does not always seek out glamorous settings. Most obviously, he crafted still-life paintings of wrecked New Orleans homes and streets following Hurricane Katrina. San Francisco can't yet touch that level of blight — but it's not always the city's more tourist-friendly, scenic locales that attract Marcelo, who is often found on busy, sooty corners beneath mazes of overhead wires.

And yet, for even the weary eyes of a native San Franciscan, to gaze simultaneously at Marcelo's campus and this most familiar corner induces newly found appreciation for both.     

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