Stoners Bummed: Governator Was Only Kidding About Marijuana

There must be something in the air lately, and it's not just billowing clouds of pot smoke. Fast on the heels of the burn out crowds attending the Wonders of Cannabis Festival in Golden Gate Park last weekend, the Governator is getting some interesting press this week for telling the UK edition of GQ magazine that marijuana is not a drug. But don't go blowing that bong hit too quick, because it's not exactly what you think.

The “joke” about pot came after an exchange in which Arnie contended that he'd never taken drugs, to which the magazine cited his well-known joint-smoking in the 1977 documentary “Pumping Iron.” Hilarity ensued, and Schwarzenegger came back with the quip in question: “This is not a drug. It's a leaf … My drug was pumping iron, trust me.”

Arnie's press secretary cleared things up: “Of course the governor understands marijuana is a drug,” reminding people of the “silly entertainment context,” in which the comment was uttered. At any rate, the Governator's comment was enough to spur a Chronicle op-ed calling for marijuana legalization and an end to the drug war.

— Brian Bernbaum

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